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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fruits for a future - sowing native tree seeds

Why not have some fun growing native (British) trees and shrubs such as oak, ash and rowan? Native trees usually support far more wildlife than exotic and cultivated ones. For example, the native oak is home to 284 species of insect while the introduced holm oak only supports 2.

Many seeds and berries can be collected this month for sowing in pots or directly in the ground. Collect only as many seeds as you need (preferably from gardens and parks rather than wilder areas), leaving plenty for germination and to be eaten by wild animals such as mice and squirrels. Collect in a breathable bag such as paper, rather than plastic which results in condensation and mould.

The seeds and nuts mostly come all at once at this time of year so squirrels may be seen frantically burying them, storing the bounty while they can. They will return to unearth the food in less plentiful times next year.

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