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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A cat without a bell is a bird unwell

Many bird species are less conspicuous now as they undergo their summer moult in secretive places. As they shed their dishevelled feathers their flight is hampered and they become vulnerable to predators. Young birds are vulnerable too. It is therefore a good idea to keep all but the most placid of cats out of the garden.

All sorts of deterrents are available. As many a gardener will testify, most are gimmicks, but those that emit a high frequency sound seem to work well. However, 70% of blue-eyed white cats are deaf so don't expect them to be bothered!

It is always such a shame to see native wild animals — animals that naturally belong in the environment — being savaged by unnatural, domesticated animals. Cats know no different so it is nice to see responsible cat owners fitting bell collars to their cats to give wild animals advance warning.

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