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Monday, August 07, 2006

Worse for wear - when windows fool birds with L-plates

Inexperienced young birds, or those being chased by a predator such as a sparrowhawk, sometimes fly into windows. The reflection of the sky fools them. Normally, it results in no more than a shock but it can result in sprains or worse. Although rare, it has been known for a bird to crash through a window and end up in the house with a sparrowhawk in hot pursuit! Large windows positioned directly across a room from another window are particularly deceptive.

One solution is to draw the curtains when the room isn't occupied, or use net curtains, in late summer when the young birds are susceptible. Another solution is to place a large house plant on the windowsill. Some people stick a black paper silhouette of a predatory bird to the window. Of course, not buffing windows to a mirror finish in late summer also helps.

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