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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hedgehog hell or hedgehog haven?

Dry spells result in a slug shortage for hedgehogs so you could offer supplementary foods, e.g. sultanas, bananas, unsweetened cereals, cooked potato, veg, rice or pasta. However, never leave out milk or bread which, contrary to popular opinion, can give them stomach upsets. It is unwise to feed hedgehogs by torchlight as they learn to associate bright beams of light with food and they become attracted to vehicle headlights. They have very poor eyesight!

Avoid steep or slippery-sided ponds, or create an escape route. Although hedgehogs can swim well if they fall in, they eventually become exhausted if they can't climb out.

Hedgehogs frequently get stuck in litter e.g. paint cans, food cartons and beer can ringos. Plastic garden netting is a nightmare too, tangling around their little legs and stressing the animal so try raising it off the ground.

Use environmentally friendly wood preservatives as hedgehogs often lick treated surfaces.

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