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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Turtle doves, spotted flycatchers and swifts have arrived from Africa this month. House martins and swallows are noticeable too following their long holiday in the sun and they are searching for mud for nest building. It takes 2500 beaks full of mud to construct a single nest! Try creating a mud patch or ‘bog garden’ (next week’s subject) for them.

Mud is needed by mason bees for their nests too. These harmless solitary bees pack eggs and pollen in hollows before sealing them in with mud. It’s not too late to buy a nest for this year’s mason bees if you buy this weekend. Alternatively, cut a cylinder out of a plastic pop bottle and stuff it with hollow garden canes, or drill numerous 100mm deep, 8mm diameter holes in a wood block (not all the way through). Fix the nest on a sunny wall or tree.

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