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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Strange noises in the garden!

Barks, yells, unearthly whines and shrieks - strange goings on down the bottom of the garden. But what are they? Chances are they come from foxes.

The fox mating season usually begins in January or February. The timing is such that the cubs will be born as early as possible in spring when the milder weather arrives. This gives them plenty of time to mature before the colder weather sets in again. Timing of the mating is crucial in another sense too. It must occur during just 3 days when the vixen (female) is capable of conceiving.

Foxes mate back-to-back, a position achieved by the dog (male) lifting a hind leg over the vixen's back. They may stay in this rather uncomfortable-sounding position for an hour! Although foxes are often thought to be monogamous, latest research shows they are more promiscuous in areas where there is a high density of foxes.

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